Heroes Reborn

This intensive project was a total fun!
This is V Squared Labs project, we used Nvidia Flame Works  and other technologies to help create Real-Time fire for NBC’s “Heroes Reborn” experience at Comic-Con.

Shawarma&Pizza Version

My main Barak Koren,Interactive Light System. responsibilities were :

1) Real Lighting system programming.

2) Aligning 4 different spaces into one
(FlameWorks simulation,TouchDesigner,3D assets,Sensors)
make sure all 3D interactive aspects of the experience
are solid.

Flame Works in TouchDesigner

3) Efficient collusion Detection system and game logic.

4) “In Site” production tasks and some creative and technical directions.Heroes Reborn comicon Production teamHands aligned in gameworks simulation

I want to thank the crazy creative
team I worked with :

Keith Lostracco, Matt OneUp Guertin, Alex Vicente, Matthew Wachter, David Glicksman
Amanda Hamilton, Stephanie Sarah Conway, Greg Lostracco, Art Perez,Steven Wagner (NBC).


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